​Nancy is a Highly Skilled Therapist Specializing in CranioStructural Integration.
CSI is a World Renowned Cranial Therapy that Removes Chronic Patterns found in our Bodies.
Once the Chronic Patterns are removed we focus on the remaining "Compensatory Patterns."   

They could have been there for most of our life.
They could be the result of a trauma, disease or an accident.
"Compensatory Patterns" are Restrictions or Abnormalities in our Soft Tissue that need Coaxing to be Alleviated.
With this Specialized Therapy we are able to change a persons Structure so they come from a position of Stability.
Once Stable, The Body Functions Amazingly Better and Pain  is reduced or eliminated.
We use Kinesiology to show the Clients their progress from the treatment.
Muscles that were not working at their full potential are now strong and functioning properly
and your Physical Ability Improves.
Our Work is FACT BASED! You can see results from the very first treatment.
Myofascial and Muscle restrictions that have taken a Lifetime to adhere CAN BE CORRECTED.
Repetitive motion disorders can be Alleviated
Chronic Pain Can be Reversed and Eliminated.
Not Everyone is the same. 

Some Clients may take longer than others to achieve their goal of PAIN FREEDOM.
If You have been in Pain for Years, It might take longer to get you out of it.

There is no set number of treatments a patient will need.  

Each patient is evaluated and treated based on the severity of the issues and length of time the
issues have been in existence.

We Do NOT Believe in Pain Management. We Strongly Believe In PAIN RELIEF    
CSI combined with our unique Bodywork is an Alternative to Surgery.  

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Reclaim Your Balance

You Really Can Feel Better!


Pain Relief in Miami