Chronic Pain Relief

CranioStructural Integration (CSI) 

is a cranial approach to treating musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction.  Over years of practice, Dr. Hancock observed commonly occurring postural and musculoskeletal patterns in a high percentage of his patients.  His clinical experiences enabled him to demonstrate that many of these musculoskeletal patterns are maintained by chronic cranial strain patterns, which he has named Primary Cranial Patterns (PCP).  To correct these cranial patterns and release the related compensatory musculoskeletal patterns, Dr. Hancock developed CSI – a protocol of unique cranial procedures.
Each CSI cranial technique releases sutural and soft tissue restrictions that are limiting cranial motion and perpetuating both the chronic cranial patterns and their related compensatory musculoskeletal and postural patterns.  The CSI techniques result in immediate and predictable long-term improvements in muscle function and/or posture throughout the body.  These improvements result in a reduction of pain and other symptoms of musculoskeletal dysfunction, increased range of motion (ROM), and improved athletic performance.  The changes can be demonstrated by manual muscle testing, palpation, observation, and/or ROM evaluations.


​​Dr Dallas Hancock Explaining Our Work "CranioStructural Integration"

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